Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Start of a Day

It is 9:26 in the morning. The condo is somewhat quiet, for the herd of stomping elephants that is my husband has left the region. Today, his herd stampeded, but he managed to get out of the door with reasonable haste.

I fear the alarm clock may have been a casualty, however. I guess my blackberry will have to be set just to make sure it still works tomorrow.

I have a lot I have to do today. First, I need to make a cup of tea. I drink a lot of tea. I have a little bit of a tea collection going. I guess it really does count as a collection when I own some fifteen different blends and varieties of green tea.

While I could talk for hours on the qualities and deliciousness of green tea, I will avoid making myself look too silly.

With luck, I will get the second section of my Ghosts of Atlantis project posted to the internet. I am worried if chapter three is perhaps too over the top for the YA crowd, so I am going to whip chapter two into shape and post it online. That will give me two weeks to flush out the kinks. Then, Lilith gets to come out and join you in the wonder world of the internet.

Most of my attention will be on contract writing and Tower of the Rising Sun. Canada post has informed me that my new digital pad is out for delivery, so once that arrives, I fear my hyperactivity will reach new highs. It will be very hard to get anything done because I will have a new toy.

Curious? Come, look at my new toy. Yes, you know you want to look at it.

That said, I really, really hate when dreams parallel reality. I dreamed I had woken my husband up and he went to work. Then, I was buying new fish for my new aquarium. It was at that time I realized I was dreaming, shot upright in a fit of "oh my dear god I slept in." and realized I was actually up half an hour early.

The little part of shopping for new fish with -explosives- might have tipped me off that it was a dream. I mean, really. I suppose if I wanted fish tar-tar in my aquarium, I would use high explosives as a part of it.

I blame Mythbusters. Only Mythbusters could influence someone to dream about fishing with high explosives.

Off to work with me now. See you on twitter!

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