Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I realized that I have a blog for a book and I have a blog about writing books, but I did not have a blog about the writer behind the blogs about books. Talk about a little bit backwards and a little bit strange.

While some people may be aware of my writing blog, I typically keep personal matters out of the blog. It isn't for what is happening to me, but the things I encounter and struggle with as I write my novels. Don't worry, I do not have any plans on abandoning that blog. I will still write my posts there as infrequently as I already do. In other news, I am working on a new post, but it requires a lot of research material. It will get done as I am done collaborating with some individuals.

This blog will also not influence Ghosts of Atlantis, though I may post my progress about that novel here. If I end up posting any other projects, I will add details on them here as well.

Enough about my writing projects and a little on to me.

I just turned 27 on May 16, 2010. I have been informed that this puts me in the 'old' category, though I prefer to consider myself youth-challenged. I don't feel old. In fact, I feel quite like I did when I was 26. A little tired, a little stressed and in great need of a vacation I won't get for a few more years!

I do not know how frequently I will post, but I hope it is often. I will keep you notified on my twitter when I do post. You can find me at http://twitter.com/rebeccablain

You can also find me on Facebook. Just do a search for Rebecca J. Blain and look up the chick who was formerly a Sprouse.

Now, I have a date with some dishes and a lot of work to do on cleaning the condo before my mother arrives from the US on friday.

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